Make Your Own Snow Globe Anyone

While working on a fair ideas with my aunt she introduced me to the world or clay pots. The uses are endless with a few pots, paint, and a brush. My first project was a snow globe. After looking at a few that my grandparents had received over the years, I saw easy additions to the one I planed to make. I purchased all of my supplies from Michaels.

Needed: clay flower pot, glass orb, Deco Art Snow Tec (fake snow), glitter, glass mirror, E6000 glue, and a great design

My first design was ballerina themed; soon to follow, a lighthouse and soccer theme.

Step 1: Paint the clay pot in the base color. I chose pink to make it extra girly. After the paint dries you can use stencils or free-hand a ballerina going around the side. I chose to paint three on it in a light shade of purple. Next, paint ballet slippers going around the rim of the pot. Another cut idea would be to paint ballet terms around the rim or near the bottom. With everything completely dry, spray a thin court of gloss to give the base a little shine.

Step 2: Constructing the globe. Take the glass orb and wipe off any dust or dirt. Next fill the orb with water and color appropriate glitter. I used pink glitter for this globe. If you come across any other lightweight items you can put them in the globe. One additional item could be sequins. Take your glass mirror and glue it to the orb.

Step 3: One the glue has dried, apply glue to the inside of the pot and turn the orb upright and place it so that the mirror sits in the bottom of the pot. Apply more glue to the pot and glass orb to create a stronger bond.

Step 4: Once the glue has dried and the bond is secure, apply the fake show around the globe, this creates another layer of bonding and hides any glue that is visible. You can apply it with the end of a paint brush or toothpick.

Here is the final project



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