Trees, Trees, Trees

To celebrate the season and my love of clay pots, I wanted to make a Christmas tree. Time to head to your local Michaels Craft Store and pick up three clay pots, a large star and a pack of small stars, small wood knobs, and Deco Art Snow Tec (fake snow). You want to get three different size pots to give a tree effect.

1. Paint all three pots green; two coats should be enough.
2. Next, paint your wooden stars yellow and if you can find little teddy bears, paint them brown. I also came across little wooden knobs, that I painted red.
3. Take your E6000 and glue each pot on top of the others, largest on the bottom, medium in the middle, and the smallest on the top.
4. Glue the give everything a chance to dry.
5. Next, spray a thin layer of sealant/gloss.
6. Finally, take your fake snow and apply it to the edges.


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