Outlet Covers

With my left over wall stickers from the crib border I did earlier, I decided to make my own outlet covers. I chose a giraffe and zebra for the outlets and an elephant for the light switch cover.

jungle wall art
blank outlet covers
outlet safety plugs
x-acto knife, pencil

I took my animal of choice and lined up the outlet cover with the sticker. I cut straight down the animal so that I could line up the rest of the body later. I traced the shape of the outlet hole and then used my knife to cut the pieces out. Next, peel the back off and line up the sticker on the outlet cover. You can then take the sticker that you cut out for the outlet holes and place the sticker on outlet safety plugs. That way when nothing is plugged up, the animal is still complete.


The light switch cover is much easier. Line up your animal on the plate and use your x-acto knife to cut out the small opening. Next, just line up the rest of the animal’s body on the wall to complete the animal.


A cute and inexpensive project for your little one’s room. Total project: $3.00 *I have seen these online for as much as $25*


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