Bursting at the Seams

Here’s what you need.

– 5″ Round Mirror from Dollar Tree
– 3 packs of wooden dowels
– E3000 Glue
– Painters Tape
– Spray Paint of Your Choice

Sunburst Mirror 1

First thing you need to do is glue down your first four dowels, a roadmap for the rest of them. After I had my four pieces glued I tried to glue the others to match across, but eventually I just eyeballed the rest. I spacing is more important; you don’t want large gaps. So if the sticks don’t line up, it’s no big issue. You could probably be really precise and measure everything out, I chose to only do that for the first four.

Sunburst Mirror 2

Let it dry for several days so the glue is set and then you are ready to paint!

Sunburst Mirror 4

Tape over the mirror and spray paint the dowels. I used a metallic spray paint so the dowels would have a shiny, bright finish.

Sunburst Mirror 5

Once it dries, you’re ready to hang it. This is going over/behind the TV in the living room. I glued a bracket to the back of the mirror to secure it, and you’re all done.

*The cool thing about this mirror is that it can be painted to match any decorum. Plus for $7 you can make a cool gift.*

*The glue can run you 4 bucks, but can work with multiple projects.*



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