Birth Announcement

Normally I would make a birth announcement for a new baby, but since I’m the mom this time, I have not had the time to make it. I started on a cross stitch blanket for her and still have not finished it. I chose to do a similar one on canvas.


blank canvas
two different colors of paint
contact paper

I used Word to type out what I wanted it to say. Your canvas size can vary from a 12×12 to as large as a 12×16 to include the common birth info. Some words were made bigger than other, different fonts, and styles.


After choosing my fonts, I traced the letters onto contact paper that I could see through. Next, cut of each letter; used an x-acto knife for some letters and scissors for others. Now just place the letters were you want them so you can know where to paint. Then draw a circle around the letters. That is the area you would paint the color that you want the letter to be. Once the paint dries, peel the backing off of the contact paper and press firmly to secure the bond. After each statement is in place paint your top coat of paint, in a different color, over the entire canvas. Depending on the coloring, you may need two or three coats. Once the paint dries, maybe an hour or two, use the x-acto knife to peel the letters up. You know have your child’s birth record on canvas that can be displayed in the nursery or used as a center piece on your sofa table.





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