Say My Name….

Blank wall number 4.

This one will be simple, because she has two closets on this wall

The game of Scrabble was always a childhood game we would play. Here is a play on that timeless game. Head to your local Michaels© craft store and pick up the ArtMinds Clear Pine Craft Wood that you will need to complete this fun project. You may see other posts that suggest using vinyl letters to spell out your child’s name. I found them hard to find, as I wanted to complete the project in one day. My solution, head to Word and find a simple font and increase the zoom to the size appropriate so that the letter has a good placement on the plaque. Trace the letter from your computer, then cut it out. Next trace the outline of that letter on the plaque. Also trace smaller numbers of the same font for the values in the bottom right corner. Used a small tip paint brush and black paint to fill in the letters and numbers. Instead of the traditional number/letter combos, I used

O-0 L-6 I-1 V-0 I-1 A-3

IMG_6933 IMG_6934














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