Casting Call

At six months, we decided as a way to keep another piece of Quinn’s childhood, we would try to do the casting mold. We did her foot first. Not knowing a lot about the whole process, I pressed her foot to the bottom of the container, which did not allow enough space to get her footprint. After making the gel and setting her foot, the mold actually came out well.

Baby Foot

A few days later we worked on the mold for her hand. This proved to be little more difficult. I did not get enough plaster into he mold, so I missed the tips of some of her fingers. I bought Plaster of Paris prior to the kit, but I do not suggest using that brand. The plaster seemed more fragile. Because the kits do not come with enough molding materials, so I would suggest either a kit for an adult or maybe buying two kits. They suggest up to 6 months old, but I might suggest a cut off of maybe 4 months old.

Baby Hand

Once the materials dried, I sanded them down a little and then painted them a Gold, metallic color. After the paint dried, I sprayed them with clear lacquer to preserve them.


The plan is to mount them to a glass circle for display.



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