Picture Frame Lantern

1) I took four 5×7 picture frames from the Dollar Tree that I already had and removed the glass.

2) Next, glue them together along the edges to form a cube, except the top and bottom are open. I used all-purpose Super Glue. I did a thin strip of glue all the way down the edge of the frame. Brace them while they dry. Let them dry really well (like over-night, at least).

**I might add some vinyl stripes to add some flare give it a custom design. This material is pretty easy to remove so if you don’t like it, you can remove it**

3) I planned on spraying it a light blue color, but I think it would look better as a silver or gold metallic color.

4) I wanted to leave the top open so I could use a real candle without the worry of scorching anything. If you want to close the bottom off you could use something as simple as a piece of cardboard or plywood painted to match and glued to the base. You could also consider putting a wire handle on it too.





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