Update the Drab Kitchen

Time and time again you come across that drab, white washed kitchen. The same old appliances with those awful brown cabinets. Here is a simple way to turn this…

….. into this!



All you need to do is find placemats that share the same style and design as your kitchen. If you do not already have a theme, this project can very extra fun because the patterns are endless in Dollar Tree. This kitchen was set out to be Latte themed because we had an old piece of wall art with no place to go. I made a fairly good guess, but if you only want to make one trip to Dollar Tree (and really, who would?!?) just measure your kitchen from the entrance around to the refrigerator. At first I was going to stop and the utility room but decide to go all the way round, even behind the frig. This kitchen took 12 placemats to go around the wall. Your only other supply is a box of thumb tacks. Hopefully you have some in your craft drawer, if not pick up a pack while you are in Dollar Tree.

I placed a thumb tack in each corner to secure it to the wall. Next, just line up the next mat and tack it up. I did not bother cutting when I got to the corners, just push the mat as tight as you can into the corner and tack it there and at the corners of the mat. When I came to the end of the wall by the closet, I did cut the mat then. I started with a new mat on the other side of the closet and used the cut piece in another place in the chain of the pattern. Make sure that you keep the pattern as spot on as possible. For instance, if you have a stove with a plastic backsplash, cut at the left, and use that cut piece to pick back up the pattern on the other side of the backsplash.

If you have outlets, SAFELY cut around the outlet with a box cutter. Any boo boos can be fixed with a little clear tape.



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