Circus Party: The Outfit

After checking out all of the websites that sold cute, 1st birthday outfits, I decided to make my own. I purchased the iron-on sheets and created my own design with Photoshop, If you can purchase the program or download a free copy, its well worth it. You will be able to create your own design catered to your party theme. Since her party revolved around the circus, I included a mouse juggling and balancing on a board, her name in circus font, and the number 1 to tell her age. My mom made a bow of red ribbon with white polka dots and I placed it near the armpit and my sister added buttons on the sleeves, neckline, and chest. Here is her T-shirt Design prior to the cake smash.

I also made her tutu. All you need is 6 mesh pouf sponges, 2 of each color. I chose white, yellow, and a light green. A tutorial can be found on YouTube, a clip from The Martha Stewart Show. You can see how hers turned out below.



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