To Be the Smartest on the Block

Most parents want to make sure their children are ready for school and life in general. Although my little one is only 15 months, its never to early to start. Since she already has the thirst for knowledge, I decide to make her home-made flash cards. She already has some objects that she can identify, but I want to open her up to more things.
After doing a little research, I chose about 25-30 different objects and animals from the internet to make the cards.
What you need: White poster board, pencil, markers, ruler, scissors, coloring book pages of your choice *if you can draw well, then you will not need the coloring book pages
I used the ruler to create equal distances horizontally and vertically.
I choose the animals and objects and traced them onto white printer paper. Next lay the white paper on top of the poster board and bear down and re-trace the pattern onto the poster board, one in each box. The white paper can be reused until full.
After cutting each out, I traced the pattern with a black marker.




Color each in with their proper color.


Finally, laminate each card with clear contact paper to preserve it while being handled by little hands.

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