Brighten any Bathroom, Kitchen, or Den

So you’ve fallen in love with your bathroom; found the perfect rug/shower curtain combo. Now you need something to really make the room pop. How about a black, white, and red motif!


Here’s what you need to make these beautiful vases, a focal point to any area.

Tall, circular vases (Dollar Tree) Placemats (Dollar Tree) Ribbon Glue gun/sticks X-acto knife.

Take you placemats and measure out where to cut by lining it up against one of the vases.


Use a piece of painter’s tape to hold down another placemat so they can be cut the same size.

Use your hot glue gun to apply glue to the glass and roll the placemat on a flat surface to smooth out the glue. Repeat around the vase.


Before you complete the vase, trim off any excess at the top of the vase.

Vase Final

Next measure the ribbon against the vase to have a piece that is a little longer than the vase. The ribbon can then be folded under at the bottom and glued down. Repeat the process at the top. Glue a flower to match or an offsetting color and place in its new spot.



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