Thanksgiving Felt Flower Headband

With Thanksgiving dinner just hours away, I wanted to make a cute headband and set of feathers for Olivia to wear.


I chose a rounded shaped pentagon to create this particular flower petal. For this flower, I had 8 petals.

The materials:

felt sheets, thread that will blend well, needle, and the pentagon petal pattern
*if you want a smaller flower just cut the pattern down a little to customize the size and shape you might want*

The process:

I did a free hand pentagon pattern, making the three points rounded, with a flat bottom

Take the leaf and fold it at the bottom. With your threaded needle, apply a simple stitch at the top and bring it through to the bottom.


Do the same process with another petal. Put the petal right next to the first one you created and bring the stitch through both petals. This creates a strong bond between the petals, making the flower stronger in the end.



Once all eight are stitched I brought the first to the last and completed a bonding stitch on the bottom. 



I cut the leaves in a free hand; large, medium, and small. I also cut a circle out to use as a base. 


Using your hot glue, glue the leaves down onto the circle first.


Next, hot glue the flower, securing it to the circle.


I recycled a band from Olivia’s Halloween tutu to have as a headband.


Lastly, add a small amount of glue to the band and attach the flower. Give it a few minutes to cool and you’re done!


This is one of the best photos Olivia would let me get, she was so ready for Turkey Day she couldn’t sit still!!



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