Sesame Street Birthday Outfit

In keeping with tradition I made Olivia’s outfit for the second year. 


First, her shirt. I created a design of the entire gang of Sesame Street. The letters are a smooth-cornered square spelling out ‘Happy Birthday’. Once again you will use Photoshop to put the design together. 
Once you have everything in place, you will need to complete the next few steps.
Here is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP  – on the computer, REVERSE your logo artwork, flip it so it is backwards. Print the backwards logo onto the transparency sheet, cut it out, and then you will see that when you iron it on, it is face-up.
DSC_0664 DSC_0665
I also made a design for the back. This includes her name and age. I added a few colored dots to the number to make it more fun. 
Next, her shorts. For these I used easy iron ribbon and placed it in one side of her shorts. 
Lastly, her shoes. I saw a great pair of high tops on Pinterest, but after massive searching no one, I mean no one had them in stock, in her size, or on this planet!! Thank goodness for Payless; I found these. They will be a great addition.
I made shirt for mom and dad.
DSC_1191 DSC_1190
 image image
Check back for more Sesame Street party excitement!!!!
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