Casino Cupcake Stand

This is my first drilling project and I needed help from my father. Prior to getting his help, I gather all of the necessary materials.

Your shopping list:
Closet brackets
A sheet of plywood
A trip to Home Depot and a brief consultation resulted in the need of a three foot long wooden dowel used to hang clothing in a closet. I did not want the stand to be to tall once it was placed on the table. This pole will serve as the center post in the middle of the stand. 
My levels decreased as the top increased. From the bottom up, my stand was 24″-20″-16″-10″. 
The center of each piece of wood need to be found. Just measure from top to bottom and the center can easily be found. The person that worked with me did not quite cut them as asked but adjustments where made once we started. Just make sure you measure twice and cut once. Each piece may not be what you asked for. 
Next a hole needed to be drilled into each piece.
Next, we fed the wood onto the pole. To keep this level, we placed the remaining three levels a foot apart.
Although everything seemed secure, we placed a brass cap that normally attached to the closet wall to the base. The other brass cap only has a tri-side since you would normally put the rod onto it. We place that piece at the top. 
First you want to drill a hole into the bracket. Next we used a locking screwdriver to screw into the dowel so that it was not split. Now just add wood glue to each level. Let it dry and the add more. Once it dries, sand the stand and then you are ready for decorating. I wanted to add more casino themed items but chose to wait until the day of the party. I planned to use playing cards and/or ribbon.
What I did do was go ahead and paint the entire stand white. That way way everything is ready to go on party night.


UPDATE: After working on getting setup on party night I decided not to add anything else to it.
If you are interested in purchasing this (and live in the Middle Georgia area), leave a comment on this posting and let me know!
Paint-grade plywood: $17.23
3 ft wooden dowel: $4.44 
1 packet of brass closet pole holders: $2.47
TOTAL COST: $24.14
Please check back for my complete post with photos from the party night!!
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