Oversized Playing Cards

I thought these would make excellent decorations. All of your necessary items can come from Dollar Tree. These foam padded poster boards can be found on the school supply aisle. Take your utility knife and cut a half-moon shape on each corner. This gives the card a more rectangular, more playing card shape.
Now just decide on what playing card you want. I wanted two depicting the birthday boy’s age, an Ace, King, Queen, and Jack.
This can be done easily by ‘making’ the card. Print the suits larger letters, smaller suits for the middle, and the suit letters or card numbers.
Grab your Mod Podge and brush and simply glue the pieces down. Use a real playing card for a guide if necessary.
This sign was used for the street. Use another foam padded poster board and the same method above to let people know where the party is.
Please check back for my complete post with photos from the party night!!
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