Personalized Marquee Sign

It’s easy to make your own set of marquee letters at home with just a few supplies. These marquee letters are the perfect party decoration to add some fun and personality to your next get together.  My casino theme is perfect for this project. You can also personalize them in any colors or words that you like!
My simple design: CASINO
Step 1: Use a craft knife to carefully cut along the top of each letter horizontally, so that you are taking off the very top “lid.” Do this for each letter. Discard the filling inside; I plan to hang on to the pieces in case I can use them somewhere else in the room.
Step 2: Paint the inside and outside of each letter. I used Red Apple acrylic paint from a past project. Apply at least two coats for a streak free finish.
Step 3: Carefully remove the string of lights, and measure how far apart in your letters the holes need to be so that the bulb can fit through the hole in the back of the letter without pulling. Mark the back of each letter so you know where to cut the slit.  Make sure to count how many bulbs you have, and do not make more holes than you have bulbs!  Make a small X slit and fold the four tiny pieces outward, toward the back.
Step 4: Insert the bulbs through the holes starting with the last letter, making sure that your letters are in order. Insert the bulbs into their sockets and test the lights to be sure that each bulb is working properly.  You can use twist ties, wire, or a strong tape (or a combination of these) to hold the wires in place so they are not seen from the front of the marquee letter.
Pretty cool huh?  I chose to spell out the word “CASINO” with my marquee letters. These letters can be reused for multiple occasions. 
Please check back for my complete post with photos from the party night!!
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