Luck of the Irish

With St. Patricks Day approaching, I want to post this week’s DIY. This project will make a great decoration in or outside your home.


I just used leftover materials from past projects and handy items around the house. For this project you will need a 9×9 canvas, scrap paper, a pencil, painters tape, paintbrush, and your computer.

First you want to make your stencils. For this design, I chose the font Arial in Microsoft Word. If I can help it, I don’t like to buy stencils. It’s so much easier to create them in Word or Photoshop. I typed each capital letter and the made the heart. This can be found under the Drawing tab at he bottom of the screen. Next choose basic and click and drag to make the shape. In this case, I changed the page view size to 200% to make the letters large enough for the canvas. Now make any adjustments so that the heart matches the letter size.

Once I have the size correct, I traced the letter from the computer screen. Now cut the letters and shape out.


Trim around the letters and shapes, removing any excess paper so that you can tape each to the canvas easily.


Secure the stencils, making sure to line everything up and try to keep equal distance between each item.



Take your pencil and trace inside the stencil. There is no need to bare down hard. A light stroke will do. You want to use this method in case you need to erase any marks.


Now just fill in the word with paint. I used green of course to highlight this holiday. I would suggest a small, flat head brush. Allow dry time and then hang with a nail or Velcro picture hanging strips.


Enjoy this fun and cute clover craft.

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