School Pride: Coffee Table Coasters

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my father!!! I love you. I wanted to have some personalized Scrabble tile art. The ideas just started flooding and I will have several tile posts for you over the coming weeks. This diy can also be enjoyed by my dad; we went to the same school so he can appreciate this coaster. This diy is super easy and will add a conversation piece to your coffee table. The supply list is short and you will only need to stop by Hobby Lobby for either cork rolls or pre-cut coasters. The coasters come six to a pack. You will also need some old Scrabble tiles that I hope you have lying around the house.
Walmart also sells a game called Bananagrams. These tiles do not have the numbers like Scrabble, but serve the same purpose.
Now decide what you want the coaster to say. I chose four letter words that can show school pride. This shows the school colors and mascot of where I got my Bachelors. This might be a little tricky for some schools.
     Blue     Gold    Wild     Cats
After getting your words together, it’s time to apply them. Add some E6000 to the coasters and apply the letters in order. You want one word per line.
IMG_9395   IMG_9396


Allow everything to bond completely and trim the excess cork. Next, spray a layer of spray adhesive to the top and allow it to dry and you’re ready to display!!!
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