Updating Your Bathroom Storage 

I have tried to keep this closet as neat and orderly as possible. We try to sneak in and grab something quick before the little one grabs something. Over time, this has caused the closet to be come a little disorganized. Something must be done!!! After a trip to Dollar Tree and Walmart, this mission could begin. I took 12 handled baskets and 2 cans of brown spray paint. Of course the setup is to match your baskets to the decor of the bathroom. I pulled out my old shower curtain, laid out the baskets, and sprayed them. Next give them a coat of clear sealant. The color of the baskets that you buy do not matter. I got some blue and green. I will say that the blue seemed to cover better.



As as for the labels, I used Avery labels left over from Olivia’s party supplies to create labels that matched the decor. I chose a spring flower pattern and just added titles to the labels. I created one for everyone to have their own basket and some for general items such as soap, face towels, health products, oral care and so on. These are easy peel and stick labels.

image image

Everything was in place except this closet and this project made a world of difference in the bathroom. The transformation is complete!!


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