Doc Confetti 

To brighten up the tables and add more ‘Doc-related decor’, I’m going to create some Doc band-aid confetti. I am going to use some of the leftover brown construction paper for the band-aid and pink glitter and purple glitter scrapbook paper for the hearts.


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From here its pretty easy. I will attach some of the hearts to the band-aid and some may be left separate.

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Sprinkle them all over the food, gift, and dessert table.

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Doc McStuffins Band-Aid Invites

After working on the banner, I wanted to start working on the invites. The date has already been locked down. Her actual birthday is the 10th but this year we will have the party on her late grandfather’s birthday, June 4th.

In keeping with the medical theme, I decided to make the invites look like a Band-Aid. Again, I used Photoshop and my Cricut to cut the template out. I used a similar design to the banner.


The invite consist of three parts. I made the middle a solid, squared off rectangle. For one side, I made the squared off rectangle a little smaller and cut holes to give a textured look to the Band-Aid.


On the other side, I will attach the invite info. This side will be sized the same as the textured side. I will used E6000 spray adhesive to attached everything.

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Classy Clipboards

Here is a cute tutorial on jazzing up those dull clipboards. This would be perfect for the middle, high, or college aged student in your life. This is so easy because you can customize it so they can show off their personal tastes. All you need is some clipboards, mini or regular size. If you plan on making several of these, you can make a template to use for cutting out the paper to go around the clip part of the board. Now for the fun part. Choose two sheets of scrapbook paper to cover the clipboard. One sheet for the top and one for the bottom for contrast. Trace the paper and cut it to fit the board. Coat the clipboard with Mod Podge and then apply the paper (give the paper a really good rub down to avoid bubbles.

DSC_1071 DSC_1072 DSC_1073 DSC_1074 DSC_1078 DSC_1079 DSC_1080

Now add contrasting paper and your monograms for flair!


Cover with another coat of Mod Podge to give the scrapbook paper protection.

Add a bow with some cute ribbon at the top.

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Home State String Art

I found myself with several pieces of wood leftover from the Casino Party cupcake stand. After seeing so many string art images online, I had to try this diy. I took one of the many pieces back to Home Depot and had it cut in half. They ended up being the perfect size for the state online. I chose to do one for Georgia for my peaches and Alabama for myself.


You will want to paint the board next. The color is completely up to you.

I choose to mix White and Palm Leaf green. Some ideas might be a common state color if available, favorite color, or a nice neutral color.


Allow the paint to dry completely. Using painters tape — because it will not pull up the paint — tape down your pattern of whichever state you want. I printed the outline of the state map from the internet, trimmed around the edges, and cut out a heart shape around the city of birth. Livi and her dad share the same city of birth and I cut out a heart for my birth city. Nothing to it.



Now here’s the fun part. Hammering the nails. I will warn you, this is a long process. It is worth it in the end, I promise.


Once you have gone all the way around the border of your template and the heart, you can pull the photo up.

To start your string, tie a tight knot around whichever nail you are going to start and finish with. You can trim off the excess when you are all finished. Wrap your string back and forth from the state’s edge, to the heart, and repeat.

Once you make it all around the state, knot the string around the same nail you started with. Trim off the extra and you’re all done!

I think this will look great in the hall with the other photos and home decor.

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Update Those Tired Old Alphabets

Well based on the title you’re reworking some old alphabet letters. In my case the letters were brand new which didn’t make this easier or harder but still very cool.

Here’s a simple drop cloth to cover you’re working area. This is just an old shower curtain.

I wanted to have the letters be metallic and gold.


Just lay out your letters on to of your drop cloth.


I believe I gave them about three coats just to make sure the entire letter was covered.

Once all are fully dry, add a clear coat of enamel to preserve the paint.


And here is your final look.


Check back for more; soon I will be posting a diy for Olivia’s magnetic chalkboard.

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