Doc Confetti 

To brighten up the tables and add more ‘Doc-related decor’, I’m going to create some Doc band-aid confetti. I am going to use some of the leftover brown construction paper for the band-aid and pink glitter and purple glitter scrapbook paper for the hearts.


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From here its pretty easy. I will attach some of the hearts to the band-aid and some may be left separate.

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Sprinkle them all over the food, gift, and dessert table.

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Doc McStuffins Band-Aid Invites

After working on the banner, I wanted to start working on the invites. The date has already been locked down. Her actual birthday is the 10th but this year we will have the party on her late grandfather’s birthday, June 4th.

In keeping with the medical theme, I decided to make the invites look like a Band-Aid. Again, I used Photoshop and my Cricut to cut the template out. I used a similar design to the banner.


The invite consist of three parts. I made the middle a solid, squared off rectangle. For one side, I made the squared off rectangle a little smaller and cut holes to give a textured look to the Band-Aid.


On the other side, I will attach the invite info. This side will be sized the same as the textured side. I will used E6000 spray adhesive to attached everything.

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Doc’s Birthday Banner

I know it’s early but with so many ideas floating around, I wanted to get started on the basics. Get ready to see and array of hand crafted and a madeby momofagem originals. Olivia is fast approaching three (where has time gone…) and I have decided on a theme… drumroll please….. DOC MCSTUFFINS!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

It’s time to get down to business. This year I’m starting with one of the most common items; her birthday banner. After doing a little research, I decide to do a “band-aid” banner with light blue letters and a pink number. I plan to use my Cricut to make as many things as possible. I make all of my designs in Photoshop and upload the image within Cricut Design Space. Here are a few screen shots of the blank band-aid, letters, and number.


After uploading everything I played around with the sizes, length and width, and cut everything out. I used light brown construction paper from Ollie’s. I got 50 sheet for $1! Make sure to check them out for your crafting needs. My blue and pink also came from Ollie’s.

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I made one band-aid for each letter, number, and one with a heart in between the words.

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I will use some E6000 adhesive spray to apply the letters and number. Make sure to check back in June for the final display at the party!


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Circus Party: My favorites

Here are more of my favorites. This was a very cool idea. Lots of fun DIY projects; super easy, super fun.


8Prize for the Ball Toss; simple and cute.. and I found the idea on

DSC_0011 DSC_0006

The photos above is of my favorite decoration. I saw a video for the cute centerpiece. Super easy to make, I got everything from the Dollar Tree, and it really was a fun project. All you need is a plastic popcorn box (2 for a dollar), a bag of gum balls, a 6-pack of suckers, a Styrofoam ball, yellow paint, glue dots, super glue, and rocks to weigh down the box.

(In the background is the photo booth and popcorn machine)

Don’t forget the music; there is great circus music to use on YouTube. It really ties everything together!


Happy Birthday to You…

Wow, a year has flown by, and you are already doing and learning so much. You are special and unique, from the top of your head to the tip of your little toes. There is no one like you. And there never will be. You add a light and sparkle to this world that no one else can reproduce. My love for you cannot be measured.

Know that you are loved. Your grandparents look on at you in awe. They hold you in their arms, beaming with love as they marvel at the wonder that you are. Your aunts, uncles, and cousins love you, dearly. You are the gleam in your father’s eye. He loves you more than words can express. We would all do anything for you. Every time I see you, every time I hear your voice, I feel more alive, more in love and more inspired to be a better, kinder person, more moved to show my gratitude for this blessing to be able to love you. You were worth it all. You are worth it all.

I Love You, Quinny Poo-Poo Nose