Doc’s Birthday Banner

I know it’s early but with so many ideas floating around, I wanted to get started on the basics. Get ready to see and array of hand crafted and a madeby momofagem originals. Olivia is fast approaching three (where has time gone…) and I have decided on a theme… drumroll please….. DOC MCSTUFFINS!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

It’s time to get down to business. This year I’m starting with one of the most common items; her birthday banner. After doing a little research, I decide to do a “band-aid” banner with light blue letters and a pink number. I plan to use my Cricut to make as many things as possible. I make all of my designs in Photoshop and upload the image within Cricut Design Space. Here are a few screen shots of the blank band-aid, letters, and number.


After uploading everything I played around with the sizes, length and width, and cut everything out. I used light brown construction paper from Ollie’s. I got 50 sheet for $1! Make sure to check them out for your crafting needs. My blue and pink also came from Ollie’s.

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I made one band-aid for each letter, number, and one with a heart in between the words.

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I will use some E6000 adhesive spray to apply the letters and number. Make sure to check back in June for the final display at the party!


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Across My Chest

Cut a heart out of the front of the sweatshirt.


I used a door sign as a model to make a heart large enough.



image  Cut a heart out of the front of the sweatshirt.



imageCut a heart out of some contrasting material. The heart needs to be 1/2 an inch bigger than the heart you cut from the front of the sweatshirt.image   Cut 3/4 inch strips from felt.imageI ran a stitch down the center and them pulled the string to make the ruffles. You can also set your sewing machine to the longest stitch length and the highest tension. When you sew the strips, holding your hand behind the preset foot, they will automatically ruffle.


image     Using a contrasting thread sew the ruffles onto the heart.
imageIMG_9140IMG_9141Place the ruffled heart under the cutout on the front of the sweatshirt and pin in place. Sew in place, moving your machine slowly and lifting up on the presser foot frequently so the sweatshirt will not stretch out of shape. Make sure you are catching the ruffled heart under the stitching.

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Birth Plate

I wanted to try the Sharpie Art and chose to complete a birth plate.

BirthPlate 1

The art of sharpie designs is super simple and the only limit is your imagination! You can take any stencil or original design and use it on your plate. Most suggest Circuit Machines, but unless you already own one, the cheaper method would be to create your own pattern through Photoshop or Word or you can use coloring book pages.

For the cheaper method just use your x-acto knife and cut out the inside of the picture as you’ll see below.

The ideas are endless, so have fun!!!

Birth late 2